Curly Clinic

How to prepare for my curly cut.

We want your experience at Studio 21 to be as satisfying and relaxing as you deserve, we understand just how daunting having your curly hair cut can be. We have discovered that taking a little extra time to prepare for your curly dry cut can lead to far better results!   Please see below our top tips to preparing for your next salon visit.

1. Leave your hair as you normally wear it

Your hair cut will follow your natural curl, in its natural state and on dry hair.

Arrive at the salon as you normally wear your hair with no braids, curling ironing or straighteners. You can have a product applied as long as it doesn’t make the hair too sticky. 

Let your hair hang loosely—no clips, bands, bun and ponytails as these disrupt your curl pattern. 

2. Be ready to share

It’s important you share with your stylist your hair journey.  Share as much as you can – The more your stylist knows about your hair history—the highlights, the challenges and your approach to your daily routine will determine a better result.  Photos of your preferred shape and style are always helpful.

3. The benefits of dry cuts

It is great for wavy, curly or coily hair as the hair is cut in a visually correct manner rather than the traditional technically correct method taught for straight hair.  After sharing your expectations with Peter he will be able to determine exactly how much hair to cut  and how to create your look using a variety of different cutting techniques.

4. Things to be aware of at your appointment

First time curly cuts will take longer than a normal cut and finish.  Your hair will be cut dry, cleansed and dried and then trimmed again to ensure your curls are following the shape you require. 

A lot of the product application and sometimes some of the cutting will be undertaken with your head held forward, we just like to forewarn our clients as sometimes they feel more comfortable wearing a top with a  higher neckline.

A large part of your appointment time will be an indepth consultation with Peter discussing exactly how much length you want taking off and recommendations on how to best care for your curls.  You will take away your own personal prescription of products and methods used for you to refer to.  

5.  Which appointment should you book

If it is your first appointment at Studio21 for a curly cut you will need to book 

  • 1st TIME CURLY CUT”.  We will consult, dry cut and then co-wash or cleanse and then apply the styling product right for your curl type and then diffuse/hood dry.

If you are quite confident with your curl routine, have been to us before and love how you style your own hair.

  • THE DRY CURLY CUT FINE, MEDIUM OR THICK is for you. We will perform a dry cut and then refresh with the right curl product for your curl type and then diffuse/hood dry.